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DI GIAIMO ADVOGADOS was founded 16 years ago with the premise of offering judicial services with the utmost dedication, acting in a personal manner and pointing out the need of each client in order to focus on the exact solutions in the shortest time.

The main differentiator of DI GIAIMO ADVOGADOS is how quickly it can solve each job. This is possible through the organization of the lawsuits’ steps and by the team of professionals with specific skills for each area, standing out on Corporate, Administrative, Tax, Criminal/Tax and Labor Law.

Among the firm’s customers are medium and large national companies, apart from multinationals. DI GIAIMO ADVOGADOS also works on academic activities, teaching courses and giving lectures all over Brazil.

DI GIAIMO ADVOGADOS is a company duly registered with OAB/SP and has associated professionals specialized in each sector of Law.

All firm, partners included, have the same technical-legal standard and technological support in a harmonious environment in order to develop work and the relationship with clients, perfectly integrating the various sectors of the firm.

Based in the city of São Paulo, it has branches in Brasília, Porto Alegre, Recife and Rome - Italy, besides partnerships with respected law professionals in the main cities of Brazil.

There is no well executed mission without the values that encircle it


Demonstrating to the customers, with clarity and objectivity, each strategy outlined and the necessary steps for such.

Ethics and Loyalty

Defending the interests of our clients within ethical and moral principles.


Care and consideration to ensure the best path to follow.


Making every effort to ensure that our clients are successful in their requests.

Security for our clients

Minimizing risk as much as possible, with care in planning and developing our services.

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